How Reliable WordPress Hosting Saved This Small Business

It’s incredibly easy for us to talk endlessly about the benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting. We’re naturally biased and believe passionately in what we’ve built with the Force WP Platform. What’s more important to us however, is that our message goes beyond the realms of our devotees, reaching others who are facing hosting struggles of their own and showing them there are options out there to make their lives easier.

The only way we can do that, is by sharing some of the stories from our customers who have taken that leap and who have never looked back. That’s why today we want to introduce you to one business in particular that might not even be here today, if they hadn’t made the decision to join the Force WP Family.

Our client is a small web design business focusing on building websites for small businesses, bloggers, sporting and social clubs. Run part-time by Jessica, her goal is to expand her current clientele in order to secure a sustainable business model that would enable her to quit her job and generate a full-time income.


What Problems Did Jessica Face?


At the time, Jessica was operating via a local discount hosting company. As a WordPress designer, Jessica wasn’t confident in managing the more technical aspects involved in a budget hosting setup. Since limited support was available to her, she quickly realized that if something went wrong, she could be leaving her clients open to vulnerability and expense.


“For me the problem was that if something were to go wrong, would I have the skill to fix it? Not always – and therefore I need that technical backup.”

How Force WP Solved Those Problems

It was at this point that Jessica began her search for a Managed WordPress Hosting Provider that could offer her both the technical support and reliability she was looking for. She made inquiries with a number of other providers, while seeking advice from Facebook Groups and researching via search engines.

When we asked Jessica about which value was most important to her in her decision making process, it was the sense of feeling valued as a customer that made all the difference.


“That’s how I test everything – first I look for an excellent product or service then I ask lots of questions; if I feel valued as a customer, then that service provider is the winner.”


Elaborating further on what made Force WP stand out against other services, Jessica commented:

“Force WP are extremely responsive. I couldn’t believe how quickly they respond to my tickets. I feel they are just as happy to share knowledge on a WordPress topic as to solve a technical problem. On a few occasions they’ve really gone above and beyond to help me solve a problem.

I’ve worked with local hosts (with local phone numbers) and they don’t come close to Force WP in terms of service. I’ve been presented with the argument we should support local business, however I think that they need to first learn to support their clients. There’s no comparison!

Secondly, their pricing is competitive and there are no hidden surprises. Their control panel is amazing, and with increasing functions being offered I feel more in control everyday. Being able to generate a backup or a development site on my own is priceless.”
In a moment of sincere honesty, Jessica admitted that if she hadn’t taken the decision to move to our Professional Package, her business wouldn’t likely be in existence now.


I would have had to walk away – at least for now. I was not able to offer a reliable service with other hosts.

Thankfully Jessica is now a thriving business that continues to grow. Their business model includes steering their clients to sign up for Force WP hosting via them in order to offer a consistent and reliable service.


Migrating To A Happy, More Reliable Home


Jessica began the process of moving to Force WP with her main business website, taking advantage of our free migration service. After an hour her site was up and running, with further website migrations taking mere minutes to move over.

Because Jessica was uncomfortable with moving sites around on her previous host, this service further helped to instill confidence in her ability to provide for her clients. Along with access to a range of features, certain tasks are now easier and more accessible, where once they had not been.

This confidence and peace of mind extends to the security of her clients too:

“Force WP provides certainty. I used to worry about brute force attacks and hacking, sites crashing and losing client data – all taken care of by Force WP hosting.”


Parting Thoughts


Being able to share Jessica’s experience with you is incredibly exciting. We’re eager to show you that our message is getting out there – the message that you can get a personal service without feeling like another digit on a screen. That competitive pricing doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality and that security can never be too good.

We want to revolutionize how WordPress Hosting is perceived and with your help, we firmly believe we can make that happen. But don’t take our word for it, we’re letting Jessica have the final say.

“WordPress has been an amazing tool and Force WP an incredible resource. I hope to maintain my relationship with Force WP and steer more clients into this hosting in the near future.”

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