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Today, the online world is a highly competitive and non-forgiving place. When it comes to your website, slow-downs unavailability can lead to disaster. Your visitors and your customers will have great difficulty in forgiving you and will leave in the blink of an eye. The alarming thing is that it’s usually not even your fault. It’s your hosting company that has failed.

Our vision was to design and perfect an industry-leading managed hosting service for our favorite platform – WordPress. An unparalleled premium web hosting and management service that provides fast, robust, scalable and secure hosting to owners and managers of professional WordPress sites.

Our unique cloud platform designed is both horizontal and vertically scalable at every layer. If the platform requires more capacity, more compute, storage or database nodes can be added to any tier at any time without causing any disruption of service. All seemingly transparent to visitors. Likewise, any failed or failing node can be replaced without any disruption of service to the customer. Our design allows for almost infinite scalability and capacity, with new clusters being deployed to our cloud as demand grows, eliminating any technology barriers for mass scalability. Force WP is a great place to grow your online presence without any possible obstacles ever.

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Here are a few reasons why over 30,000+ clients have choosen Force WP.

Anna S.
If you have website built in WordPress, it’s critical to choose a web hosting company that is knowledgeable in WordPress like Force WP. They are fully staffed with reliable WordPress & hosting experts ready to help and ensure your website performance is optimal.
Anna S.Content Publisher
James B.
We moved to Force WP because of downtime and low performance that we experienced with the previous hosting provider. Not only do we now have top notch performance, but Google DOUBLED crawl rate, and improved rankings instantly!
James B.CEO
Barbara M.
We had very expensive server that we had to maintain because we needed plugins and scalability. Force WP let us leave that box, keep our plugins and still scale. We enjoyed their great technical support as we contacted them numerous times.
Barbara M.Wellness Manager
Nicky O.
Force WP support has been excellent. I now see the difference between paying $5 or $10 per month for hosting vs a group that charges $19+ but specializes in WordPress and delivers fast, reliable support. Well worth my investment.
Nicky O.Online Marketer
Sarah D.
Things have been unbelievably fast and stable since we switched to Force WP. Everything has been been great. Keep up the good work!
Sarah D.Web Designer
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